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Apex Tier Technologies not only creates/ develop web applications but also offers ready-to-go Software Testing services packs to all the clients across the world.

Supported by our dedicated and expert quality control team we provide the best possible bespoke software testing services that may include functional testing, usability testing, interface testing, compatibility testing (includes mobile application testing services), performance testing, White-Box testing, and security testing. Our wide range of testing services also includes process-oriented Quality Assurance Consulting services wherein we focus on defect prevention by devising test strategies for every step of project development and execution cycle as well as implementing optimised testing plans at each valid step.

Unlike other Software Testing Companies we follow a flexible and customer-centric approach to maintain our proven track record of delivering in-time and in-budget projects. We have it all: cutting edge technology and highly skilled human resource, owing to which, we deliver the best of the testing services at the best industry prices. Further to our risk-based prioritisation approach, lower costs and client friendly services we ensure overcoming the most possible reasons for failure. 

What Software Testing Does?

Any software or web application development is incomplete without testing - the latter is indeed the part of the former. The process of testing is all about finding faults and correcting them to enhance reliability, usability, maintainability, and reusability of the software.

The various Software Testing Services we offer:

Manual Testing that is one of the most rigorous form of testing. Apex Tier Technologies testers specialise in this and make sure that every software project or web application project that is deployed is at its perfect functionality mode.  

Automation Testing under which we use test automation tools such as Rational, Silk, HP-Mercury, Selenium, and others to test for correctness of operation.

Functionality Testing where in we test for all the links in your website, database connection, contact us and enquiry forms and cookies. All the outgoing and internal link and links used to send emails to admin or other users are tested to check if they are not broken. The functional software testing includes validation of contact/ enquiry forms, HTML/CSS validation, and database testing for integrity errors. 

White-box Testing which may be defined as a structural testing technique as it is intended to improve the quality of code by preventing bugs. Under this our software testers check that the basic unit of code behaves properly and system/ application do not crashes if an unexpected input is made. 

Black Box Testing under which we do not look at the internal code structure. We rather focus on inputs and outputs of the software system. The Black Box software testing includes all levels of testing: integration, functionality testing, unit and system acceptance. 

Usability Testing wherein we check for proper navigation, clear instructions, website content, as well as other user information for user help. We make sure that your website is easy to understand and get crawled through providing a site map that has got all the links in the site with proper tree type view of navigation. 

Interface Software Testing Services includes checking that interactions between Web Server and Application Server Interface as well as between Application Server and Database Server Interface are executed correctly. 

Mobile Testing services include mobile test automation, platform testing, network testing, protocol confirmation and terminal testing. We make sure that each application is 100% mobile. 

Compatibility Testing includes browser compatibility, OS compatibility, Mobile Browsing compatibility, etc. We make sure that your website has the cross browser coding; especially the java scripts, AJAX etc demands UI functionality, security checks thus the site needs to be checked for browser compatibility. The testers further make sure that all the new technologies used in developing your website are compatible with different browsers, Operating Systems and should be print friendly if you need to give page-printing options. 

Performance Testing is another thing we focus on under our software testing services section. The testing includes Web Load Testing, Web Stress Testing, Volume testing, soak testing, and scalability testing. We ensure that your website is capable of handling larger number of user requests, input data from users or heavy load on specific pages. In fact, the system characterisation is also undertaken at Apex Tier Technologies wherein certain activities to identify specific performance characteristics of systems and hardware are undertaken. 

Security Testing that is most important for e-commerce websites. The entire procedure includes login detail validation; system’s reaction on invalid inputs in fields like user name or password; web directory accessibility; CAPTCHA for automates scripts login and so on. 

Data Centre Testing in which we make sure to offer database testing, alpha testing, beta testing, and regressing testing. 


How Apex Tier technologies Is Different From Other Software Testing Services Companies?

  • We check for errors and fix them at every step of software or website development and not at the end. This helps at reducing development costs.
  • We deliver higher quality systems in lesser time and at affordable prices.
  • We offer comprehensive range of software testing services.



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